The Senate's AI Roadmap to Nowhere

Jason Green-Lowe
May 16, 2024

“The Bipartisan Senate AI Working Group has given America a roadmap for AI, but the roadmap has no destination.”

WASHINGTON, DC — Yesterday, the Bipartisan Senate AI Working Group comprised of Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Martin Heinrich (D-NM), Todd Young (R-IN), and Mike Rounds (R-SD) released a legislative plan called "Driving US Innovation in Artificial Intelligence" with proposals for individual congressional committees to pass into law. 

Jason Green-Lowe, Executive Director of the Center for AI Policy (CAIP), a nonpartisan research organization that develops policy and conducts advocacy to mitigate catastrophic risks from AI, released the following statement:

“Despite a year of 'listening sessions,’ Senate leadership has yet to produce any draft legislation. Instead, they have merely urged Congress to 'analyze' AI risks without advocating for concrete legislation. The Bipartisan Senate AI Working Group has given America a roadmap for AI, but the roadmap has no destination.

“It was apparent a year ago that America needed to gather more information about AI risks and determine what the government can do to mitigate them. With that need in mind, CAIP published model legislation – the Responsible Advanced AI Act. CAIP’s model legislation creates a new government office with the technical talent and the authority to collect information about AI’s dangerous capabilities and prepare to intervene as necessary to protect the American public.

“As Majority Leader Chuck Schumer himself said a year ago, 'Our approach to AI must be fast-moving… how we deal with AI is going to determine the quality of life for this generation and future generations probably more than anything else.'

"The Center for AI Policy heartily agrees with this statement from the Majority Leader. America already has had a full year to consider AI’s implications. Now it’s time for legislative action."

The Center for AI Policy (CAIP) is a nonpartisan research organization dedicated to mitigating the catastrophic risks of AI through policy development and advocacy. Operating out of Washington, DC, CAIP works to ensure AI is developed and implemented with the highest safety standards. More @