About us

About us

Our Team

The Center for AI Policy is led by Jason Green-Lowe (Executive Director). Our team includes Thomas Larsen (Strategy Director), Kate Forscey (Government Affairs Director), Marc Ross (Communications Director), Olivia Jimenez (Chief of Staff), and Jakub Kraus (Operations Director).

Our Mission

  • Inform policymakers about the unique risks of frontier AI.
  • Develop and advocate for responsible AI policy.
  • Reduce catastrophic risks from AI development.

Our Strategy

  • We are advocating for legislation that would:
    • Develop the government’s capacity to evaluate & forecast AI’s capabilities.
    • Fund NIST and the BIS.
    • Require high-risk AI developers to apply for permits and follow safety standards.
    • Hold high-risk AI developers strictly liable for severe harms.
    • Empower regulators to pause AI projects if they identify a clear emergency.
  • We provide information and resources to policymakers who want to learn more about AI and AI safety.
  • We build relationships and coalitions with others who share our policy priorities.

Our Sponsors

The Center for AI Policy is funded by Lightspeed Grants, as well as personal donations from individuals. We are nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest. We are not connected with any foreign governments or any commercial AI developers.

Learn more

See our policy recommendations and our mission. Contact us at info@aipolicy.us.