Hill Op-Ed: Robocalls Are the Least of Our AI Worries

March 22, 2024

President Biden’s use of the phrase “artificial intelligence” in his State of the Union address this month is a historic first. AI has entered Americans’ living rooms through astonishing tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, and the president correctly determined that AI is too important to ignore.

What’s less clear is whether Biden really understands the scale of the risks posed by advanced AI. His only concrete policy proposal on this topic was to “ban A.I. voice impersonation.” Voice impersonation is worth addressing, of course; nobody wants fake robocalls hitting up their grandparents for cash or harassing voters with disinformation. But the problems posed by AI go far beyond increased influence for scam artists.

Center for AI Policy Executive Director Jason Green-Lowe recently published an op-ed in The Hill. Read it in full on The Hill website: https://thehill.com/opinion/technology/4546918-robocalls-are-the-least-of-our-ai-worries/