CAIP Statement on the Release of the Future of AI Innovation Act

April 18, 2024

CAIP Statement on the Release of the Future of AI Innovation Act

WASHINGTON, DC – On Thursday, April 18, US Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA), Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, and US Senators Todd Young (R-IN), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and John Hickenlooper (D-CO), members of the Commerce Committee, introduced the bipartisan Future of AI Innovation Act. Jason Green-Lowe, Executive Director of the Center for AI Policy (CAIP), a nonpartisan research organization that develops policy and conducts advocacy to mitigate catastrophic risks from AI, released the following statement:

"The Center for AI Policy (CAIP) welcomes the release of the bipartisan Future of AI Innovation Act.

"CAIP is thrilled to see the proposed bill contains language for new AI testbeds for biological, cyber, and nuclear threats and public-private collaboration to evaluate advanced general-purpose AI models.

"CAIP has long supported the use of public-private partnership as an excellent vehicle to test the capabilities and the risks of emerging AI systems, and we encourage full investment in this effort.

"CAIP is also pleased to see the continuing support for international alliances on AI standards -- as the world's leader in AI research, the United States must play a leading role in brokering a global coalition of like-minded nations to ensure AI is used responsibly.

"CAIP, however, is concerned that the language in this bill relies exclusively on voluntary standards, which will not adequately protect Americans from the risks of advanced AI. For example, if private companies are free to disregard 'best practices,' then we must assume that some will be tempted to cut corners and rush to release risky AI products so they can be the first to market.

"CAIP looks forward to working with Senators Cantwell, Young, Blackburn, Hickenlooper, and other members of the Commerce Committee to advance principles and policies that mitigate the catastrophic risks of AI."

The Center for AI Policy (CAIP) is a nonpartisan research organization dedicated to mitigating the catastrophic risks of AI through policy development and advocacy. Operating out of Washington, DC, CAIP works to ensure AI is developed and implemented with effective safety standards.