We're hiring

We're hiring

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About Us

The Center for AI Policy is a new DC-based organization developing and advocating for policy to mitigate catastrophic AI risks.

Our current focus is building capacity in the US government to safeguard AI development. Our proposed legislation would establish a federal authority to monitor hardware and license frontier AI development, ensuring we can identify and respond to risks. It would also create strict liability for severe harms caused by AI systems, increasing accountability and improving incentives to developers.

Our team includes Thomas Larsen (Executive Director), a former technical AI safety researcher; Jason Green-Lowe (Legislative Director), a lawyer and policy analyst; and Jakub Kraus (Operations Director), who has a computer science background. We’re advised by experts from other organizations and supported by several volunteers.

How the Center for AI Policy differs from other AI governance organizations

Many AI governance organizations are focused on developing ideas and amassing influence that can be used later. We’re focused on developing and advocating for significant, shippable policy now. We want to harness the current energy to pass meaningful legislation during this policy window, in addition to building a coalition for the future. While we engage in conversation with policymakers about a diverse range of AI risks, we are also upfront about our focus on catastrophic risk.

We’re hiring

We think we’re strong at developing policies that would significantly reduce catastrophic risk if passed. To get these policies passed, we need to scale our efforts and bring in more advocacy, policy, and DC experience.

That’s why we’re hiring a Government Affairs Director and a Communications Director. Our Government Affairs Director will design and execute our strategy for passing meaningful legislation. Our Communications Director will design and execute our strategy for promoting our ideas. For more information, see our careers page. The deadline to apply is September 30th, 2023.

We’re fundraising

The Center for AI Policy is a 501(c)(4) funded by private donors and philanthropists. We are nonprofit, nonpartisan, and committed to the public interest.

We are currently funding constrained and believe donations are particularly impactful. With around $100k, we can hire a talented full time team member who can meaningfully increase our chances of getting legislation passed. Smaller amounts are also helpful for hosting events to connect with key policymakers, contracting researchers and lawyers to optimize our legislative text, etc. You can donate to us here. If you are considering donating and would like to learn more, please contact us at info@aipolicy.us.